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After a lifetime of making music and all the fun adventures that came with it, I am now sending out a weekly newsletter that will briefly inform you about gigs that my wife Beth and I are playing as well as the occasional gig with our bands Honk and 133. It is also chock full of interesting tidbits from my history with Honk, my 10 years as Musical Director for Kenny Loggins, my work with Greg MacGillivray scoring IMAX films with the likes of Paul McCartney, Queen, Sting, George Harrison, Dave Matthews Band, George Harrison, Crosby, Stills and Nash, The Moody Blues, Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac and a host of lesser known but compelling artists from around the world. The newsletter often includes music and video that has not been released to the public and will only be available here, (some of which I frankly shouldn’t post on a public site and will only leave up briefly for you to download). It also includes new songs and videos from Beth and me.

I use social media but I still like the personal and not so public one on one of email. Old school. I realize your inbox may already be too full and you may only be interested in a limited amount of stuff so you can choose to receive only Newsletters that pertain to something of particular interest to you. The choices;

-Newsletter Highly recommended as you will most likely be surprised by things you didn’t know your were interested in…really!
Generally once a week
-IMAX Only You are only interested in music from my film scores.
Generally once a month
-Honk Only Fan from the old days, not interested in the not so old days.
Generally once every several months.

A massive thank you to all who sign up. I am infinitely grateful for the people who have allowed me to spend my life chasing the muse. I think you will enjoy the wacky and wonderful things it continues to bring and your participation amplifies the meaning and pleasure.



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