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I have been interested in what makes things sound the way they do since I picked up my first guitar. Within the first year of playing in a band I had a primitive Sony stereo sound on sound, reel to reel tape recorder. I would record something in mono on one track and then combine that track with a live track and bounce the 2 together to the other mono track. It sounded horrible but it allowed me to start layering sounds and much as a painter mixes colors to make a new color I was learning and building my own sound palette. Also in those early years my band was learning pop songs and as each member figured out and learned his own part we were learning arranging.

I have always had some kind of studio and have moved through all of the technical changes of the last nearly 50 years; analog 4, 8, 16, 24 track and on into today’s incredible digital technology. I still use some of the great analog equipment that still has yet to be improved upon and have custom tube equipment built as needed.

Singing in a band, playing every night, practicing, studying voice, recording and pretty soon I was producing music for other artists. An artist hopes for a producer who will make them the best they can be and not try to make them something they are not. They want to feel free to be their worst without fear so their unconscious can take over. They want someone who understands their moods and who knows how to capture all of the technical elements with the least amount of distraction, someone who keeps focused on a destination that arrives seemingly without effort. Good luck with all that! But I try to get as much of that going as I can.

I have produced many artists through the years. On this page I’ll feature a few with good stories or at least some pictures to look at. I was never much of a photo taker (much to my regret).

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