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If you think traveling around the world and working with famous musicians and orchestras sounds like a lot of fun. . . you are correct (especially in retrospect). When I was in the middle of most of these however there was also that fear of not knowing how things were going to turn out, travel problems, many late nights, people problems and uncountable technical dilemmas. But that is what makes climbing the mountain so much fun I guess. The view at the top is much more satisfying if one has to climb to get there.

Below are some of the well over 20 large screen documentaries for IMAX® theater presentation that I have worked on with Greg MacGillivray and the team at MacGillivray Freeman films. Along the way I received 6 “Best Soundtrack” Awards, 2 Golden reel awards for music editing. Two of the films were nominated for Oscars®. I laid out these pages with the hope that I could share a bit of the adventure and experiences that went into the making of all this music. Please explore.


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